At South Moreton your child's safety and wellbeing is our priority. We are committed to the highest levels of safeguarding practice and expect all staff, and visitors, to share in this commitment.  Safeguarding is everybody's responsibility at South Moreton.

We have several members of staff who have received enhanced training in order to be 'Designated Safeguarding Leads' in school.

Mrs Sánchez is currently the Designated Safeguarding Lead.

Miss Crossan (Assistant Head) is a Deputy Safeguarding Lead along with Mrs Cox (Extended Schools).  This means that there is always someone available on the school site should a safeguarding issue arise.

If you are concerned about a child at the school please report it immediately to the Designated Safeguarding Lead.

We encourage children to talk to us about any worries. Please see our 'get help' page if you would like to consider other ways to help your child report their worries.

Every member of staff at South Moreton receives training on Safeguarding throughout the school year.  Staff also keep up-to-date with current legislation and practice e.g. by knowing the content of Keeping Children Safe in Education and its implications on school life, and through regular updates in staff meetings.

Safer Recruitment at South Moreton

We ensure that every staff member is rigorously checked to ensure that they are suitable to work in our school.  Some examples of how we do this are as follows:

  • when we advertise we make our checks about safeguarding very clear.
  • applicants have to complete the ODST application form - CV's are not considered.
  • positions are only secured when satisfactory references have been received and checked.
  • Enhanced DBS check is undertaken


Keeping your child safe 

Safeguarding culture in our school ensures all staff know their duties and how to keep children safe. Children are able to talk to any one of our caring staff if they have concerns or worries (or for any other reason).  If your child says something that is concerning this may be noted down in our records and the safeguarding leads will be notified.  Staff will also be vigilant  for signs of any abuse, for example: bruises or unexplained injuries, extreme hunger or tiredness, change of personality, change in appearance etc.

Usually staff will ask you about this directly - and sometimes there will be a very plausible reason for this.  This is why it is vital that you keep us informed if something happens at home so that we can do our very best to support your child. 

If the designated leads feel that you may need some extra support the Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub will be contacted with a referral.  You will generally be informed that we are going to make a referral directly - unless we feel that your child will be in danger if we did so - in which case they will be contacted without prior discussion with the parent. 

If the multi agency hub believe that the referral meets their threshold they will carry out an assessment of need, contacting other professionals and yourselves.  A meeting will be held to see if the information meets the criteria for Child Protection and you will be given support and guidance with the aim to provide your child with a safe and secure childhood - the minimum any parent desires for their child. 

For more information about safeguarding at South Moreton please see our Child Protection Policy, on our Policies page.