Red Kite ClassA red kite in flight

Welcome to Red Kites Class!  Red Kites is taught by Ms Hacker, with help from Mrs Hagger, Mrs Cox and Mr Pimm.

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Terms 3 & 4

We have had a very busy term with lots going on!  Our whole school topic on Africa was fascinating – we learned loads about the differences across the continent as well as reading stories by African writers to learn how Africa is portrayed in fiction.  The whole school Africa day was amazing fun and we loved our drumming and dancing experience which finished things off.

In term 4, we moved on to thinking about the environment and we focused on farming.  We explored food miles and learned a bit about how farming changes throughout the UK.  We also planned and planted some crops of our own which we’re hoping to have the chance to eat before the end of the year! 

Science week was a fantastic experience to round the term off.  It was full of amazing workshops and we even ran a stall at the science fair which was a great success!