Red Kite ClassA red kite in flight

Welcome to Red Kites Class!  Red Kites is taught by Ms Hacker, with help from Mrs Hagger, Mrs Cox and Mr Pimm.

We had a great time last half term getting settled in and now we're looking forward to the run up to Christmas!  This half term, we are experimenting with a new timetable where we are going to devote our afternoons to particular areas of the foundation curriculum in different weeks (apart from PE and science, which will be every week!) so if you'd like to know what we'll be learning and when, check out our topic web.  We're always happy to welcome extra help so if you'd like to come and work with us on any of these things, or just hear some readers, please do get in touch with Ms Hacker.

We're really looking forward to our trip to Yenworthy Lodge in November - look out for some great photos when we get back!

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