Red Kites ClassA red kite in flight

Welcome to Red Kites Class!  Red Kites is taught by Ms Hacker, with help from Mrs Cox and Mrs Hagger.

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Term 1

We have had a very productive and successful start to the year in Red Kites this year.  The class have thrown themselves into our Ancient Greek topic with enthusiasm and have created a range of great work in English and Topic to demonstrate their learning.  In maths, we've focused on laying firm foundations and making sure that we really know the number system thoroughly to help us throughout the the year ahead.

Term 5

We had a lot going on for such a short term, this term.  In English and Maths, we worked really hard to consolidate all the learning we’ve done this year already and in the second half of the term, Year 6 finally sat their SATS tests.  They worked hard and prepared themselves really well and we were very proud of the calm and sensible way they approached the week. At the end of the week, we rewarded ourselves with a trip to Legoland, which was great fun!  Year 5 were so keen to come too that they’re almost looking forward to their SATS next year!

In other learning, we took on a complex DT project and created some pop-up books that we’re hoping to share with FInches soon.  The children prototyped their ideas, planned it out very carefully and worked very hard on bringing their designs to life. In geography, we learned about rivers and used Google Maps to explore the Thames and some rivers around the world.  We will be taking a trip to the Harcourt Arboretum to finish this topic off at the start of Term 6.

Terms 3 & 4

We have had a very busy term with lots going on!  Our whole school topic on Africa was fascinating – we learned loads about the differences across the continent as well as reading stories by African writers to learn how Africa is portrayed in fiction.  The whole school Africa day was amazing fun and we loved our drumming and dancing experience which finished things off.

In term 4, we moved on to thinking about the environment and we focused on farming.  We explored food miles and learned a bit about how farming changes throughout the UK.  We also planned and planted some crops of our own which we’re hoping to have the chance to eat before the end of the year! 

Science week was a fantastic experience to round the term off.  It was full of amazing workshops and we even ran a stall at the science fair which was a great success!