Puffins Class

Welcome to Puffin Class!  Puffins is taught by Mr Pimm with help from Mrs Redding and Mrs Panzeri.

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Term 5

Our class topic for last term, term 5, was ‘Iron Age to the Stone Age’. We were able to understand when these ages were using timelines and also explored what the food, tools, home, art and lifestyle was like. We managed to link lots of work with our topic. In literacy, we read ‘Stone Age Boy’ and did many tasks relating to the text, including a class debate and a big write. We also made clay pots in art, similar to the ones used during these times. We will be continuing with this topic in term 6, alongside puppets and The World Cup.

Computing revolved around the topic of programing last term. We spent time looking at instructions, including decomposition and repetition, as well as algorithms.

PE during term 5 included cricket and tag rugby. Children were able to work with Mrs Seymour to develop batting, bowling and fielding skills, while also experiencing game situations. In tag rugby, we looked at working on our passing and catching skills, as well as thinking about positioning, running with the ball and tagging opponents. 

Terms 3 & 4

Our class topic for term 4 revolved around ‘Volcanoes and mountains’. We explored how volcanoes and mountains are formed, how they are structured, the ring of fire and looked closely at famous mountains and volcanoes around the world. We managed to link some of our literacy work with our topic too, through the text ‘Escape From Pompeii’, which ended by writing a recount of the dramatic events. In computing, Puffin Class created PowerPoint presentations helping children to stay safe online, using various skills such as creating and adding transitions and animations and creating and editing text boxes. During term 4, there was a special week revolving around science, called Science week. These five days included extracting DNA from a strawberry, using microscopes, watching a mass spectrometer measure the gases in the air and a science fair that occupied the entire sports hall!