Our Classes

In Foundation Stage, the children learn in Finches class with Mrs Cracknell and Mrs Breeze.  They get the chance to access a lovely outdoor space as well as taking part in learning activities and learning through play in the classroom.

Key Stage One is taught in two single year group classes: Year 1 are in Barn Owls, with Mrs Law and Mrs Higgins and Year 2 are in Robins with Mrs Smith.  They use the Jolly Phonics scheme to support their reading and start to develop their independent learning skills.

In Key Stage Two, the size of our cohorts means that the children are taught in mixed year group classes.  The teachers work closely together to ensure that children in the same year group access the same level of learning which ever class they are in.  Puffins is a mixed Year 3 and 4 class, taught by Mrs Salmon and Mr Pimm; Herons is a mixed Year 4 and 5 class, taught by Mrs Curtis and Mrs Acreman; Red Kites is a mixed Year 5 and 6 class, taught by Ms Hacker.  With the help of Mrs Redding, science is taught in single year groups, giving children in different classes the opportunity to work together.  In other subjects, a rolling two year curriculum plan is used to ensure children to not have to repeat any learning if they stay in the same class for two years.