About South Moreton School

The School Prayer

Dear God

Please keep our school a happy place for us all.
Help us in everything that we learn and do.
Keep our friends and families healthy and safe.


The History of South Moreton SchoolCover of "A Hundred Years of South Moreton School"

'A Hundred Years of South Moreton School' book was published in 1996, has 64 pages and includes 31 photos. It is A5 sized with a glossy cover.

 "This book was written to mark the centenary of the opening of the new South Moreton School on 18 May 1896. It is a very readable history of a village school nestling in the middle of a small village in what was north Berkshire, now South Oxfordshire.

 The fabric of the school has changed dramatically during its hundred years' existence and these changes are clearly mapped out in the text. Other aspects of the school that we see changing include the nature and content of lessons, playtime, school lunches, and of course the effects of two world wars.

 What has not changed, however, is the important part the school has played in the lives of hundreds of children who have attended as pupils, many of whom are pictured here at work and at play.

 Published on behalf of South Moreton School."

 The price is £3.95 plus a modest charge for postage and packing.  The book is available online from Pie Powder Press at http://www.piepowder.co.uk