South Moreton Primary School

Whole School Curriculum


At South Moreton School, we embrace our mission statement:

“The World for our Children, Our Children for the World”.


Our curriculum is intended to:

  • Offer the full range of National Curriculum subjects and the and full breadth of study within these
  • Cater for the needs of all pupils, across all year groups
  • Embed and develop our vision for South Moreton School through the 3 aspects of academic excellence, resilience and wellbeing, and global citizenship

Our curriculum

We sequence learning based on teaching children the ‘knowledge how’, enabling children to approach and engage with subject-specific content using an ever-widening and ever-deepening level of skill. For example, children in Year 6 will engage with content on the Ancient Egyptians in a different way to children in Year 3. This concept can be illustrated by the spiral model below, where children re-encounter skills each year (different colours on the spiral), building on previous learning and embedding knowledge in the long-term memory.

Other guiding principles for our curriculum design are:

  • Knowledge ‘how’ content is specified in detail
  • Knowledge ‘how’ is taught to be remembered, not merely encountered
  • Knowledge ‘how’ is sequenced and mapped deliberately and coherently
  • Knowledge ‘how’ provides a driving, underpinning philosophy

We use high quality education research, specifically Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy, to aid us in planning for depth and challenge, with increasingly demanding tasks being built up towards the end of the key stage.

This document explains our curriculum design and progression in more detail

curriculum progression for website march 2021 1 .pdf

***Click here for a sample 'deep dive' into our KS2 Ancient Egyptian topic

***Click here for our subject skills progressions

We follow the National Curriculum and teach all the subjects within it, along with providing extra opportunities to enrich learning and bring it to life, such as trips, experiences and workshops.

If you have any questions about the curriculum at South Moreton Primary School, please do get in touch via the School Office at