Sports Provision

Children at South Moreton have access to a broad and varied curriculum through their PE lessons, experiencing both individual and team activities. Facilities are excellent to provide these high quality lessons, with a well equipped Sports Hall and extensive playing field. We aim to encourage children to try all new activities, to perform and participate to the best of their abilities and enjoy the effects of being physically active. In essence we are trying to promote good lifestyle choices for their health and well being, while encouraging enthusiasm and determination in the range of activities. We often run additional PE sessions and workshops which are supported by specialist teachers and coaches, e.g. dance, gymnastics and cricket.

Many children have the opportunity to take part in competitive sports; South Moreton has an extensive competition calendar, participating in local football leagues and netball tournaments with other local schools, and we host the Garrick Netball League and Didcot Schools' Cross Country Competition. Children in Key Stage 2 swim in the Spring and Summer Terms at a local pool.

Boys football team 2018  Girls football team 2018


Extra Curricular Provision

South Moreton offers a variety of extra curricular clubs run by teachers and external providers. These clubs change according to the season and to ensure children access a wide variety of sporting opportunities. Examples of clubs we have run across the year are netball, football, striking and fielding and multi-skills.

Yoga workshop

Yoga Day. Every class experienced a yoga session, June 2019.

Children have a go at a variety of new sports and activities including climbing and even wrestling!