South Moreton Primary School

Parent Presentations

Slideshows and information from Parent Information Events or the newsletter are available here for families to refer back to. These are not a substitute for attending an event, as sessions give the context to which these slides are relevant - we encourage all our families to attend these wherever possible!


South Moreton Primary School: Who are we and why are we great?

Maths Mastery

Growth Mindset

Parent Reading Session, 6th March 2019: How to help your child with reading at home

Parent E Safety Training delivered as face to face training by CEOP ambassador: available on request (not posted here due to content being aimed at adult audience).

South Moreton: A Google School Information for parents on our work as a Google School

Bloom's Taxonomy: Extra challenge through our curriculum


Phonics at South Moreton Primary School

Please see these videos and helpsheets to support your child with reading in Reception and Key Stage 1:

Using the Active Learn platform or physical Phonics Bug books for reading with your child


How to pronounce the sounds taught in your child's phonics lessons


Phonics Glossary helpful definitions of the common vocabulary used in phonics lessons


Picture News conversation topics: Global Citizenship and British Values at SMS

Please use the weekly Picture News resource within the school newsletter to discuss the current affairs and key questions presented at school, and to enhance these conversations further at home.