South Moreton Primary School

PSHE at South Moreton

At South Moreton School, Personal, Social and Health Education is absolutely “The living beating heart of our school”


Characterised by outstanding Personal Development

Underpinned by our solid, shared vision and commitment to:

  • Resilience and Wellbeing
  • Global Citizenship (incl British Values)
  • Outstanding behaviour and high expectations


To emphasise the key role of PSHE within our whole-school, PSHE is led as a strong, shared project by Senior Leaders, who coordinate the delivery of content through assemblies, leadership actions and day-to-day life within school. This is an excellent example of leadership strength at South Moreton School, and the impact of such leadership on our school community. 


This collaborative leadership further extends throughout all areas of the school. It is firmly supported by our practice and commitment to each and every pupil, including disadvantaged pupils and those with Special Educational Needs, and through the work of our Inclusion Lead (SENCo) and Pupil Premium Lead. It is also carefully intertwined in transition processes, both for those starting our school in the Early Years, and for those moving to secondary school. 


Personal Development, and Personal, Social and Health Education is embedded in ‘who we are’ and ‘how we do things here’. 


At South Moreton Primary School our PSHE curriculum shines through our day-to-day work, whole-school projects and daily assemblies. We are able to cover the majority of the statutory curriculum through how we live in school every day.


Where statutory provision is not covered in sufficient depth through this work, we explicitly teach these objectives via:

  • 3 wellbeing days, focusing on ‘Inside Out’ (mental health and resilience project), ‘Family’ and ‘Friendships’ (We have identified that statutory family and friendship objectives require further age-specific teaching)
  • Visits from community and external speakers
  • External visits (e.g. Junior Citizen, Injury Minimisation) and whole-school awareness days (sleep workshops, Sun Safety presentations)
  • The wider curriculum, including Science, Computing, PE, DT, Early Years, SEN interventions


Where PSHE content is taught through the wider curriculum, subject leaders of those curriculum areas are responsible for coordinating the delivery of its content.


Sex Education non-compulsory content is taught in Year 6, in a safe learning environment, in line with our Sex and Relationships Education Policy. It is solidly underpinned by our School ethos and values.