South Moreton Primary School

Growth Mindset at South Moreton

We are very proud to be a Growth Mindset School, reflecting a year of focused work on developing resilience and a can-do attitude in learning. Our children have been learning about Growth Mindset and how it can help them to approach challenge and persevere when things get tough. They can talk about how Growth Mindset helps them learn, and they use it in their learning and the wider school. We even put their learning to the test by challenging them to scale the mobile climbing wall!

Information on Growth Mindset at South Moreton can be found here 

Our Growth Mindset plan for 2018-19 is here

We have seen wonderful things happening across the school reflecting the powerful impact Growth Mindset work can make on pupils!

Our pupils say:

  • “I like doing hard things because it gives me a challenge and it's not too easy.”
  • “The more work you put into it the better you do.”
  • “Don’t give up - try again.”
  • “I always like giving things a good go if it’s might come up in the future.”
  • “I enjoy learning new things - hard questions.”
  • “It’s a good feeling when you don’t get something and then it clicks and you understand something.”
  • “Now if I get stuck I ask my friend or the teacher. I used to not tell anyone. I ask now to make sure I know it.”

From a Y2 parent via email (along with lots of other parents saying similar):

“Something rather wonderful just happened during our dinner time and I wanted to share it with you. I must confess I was a bit tearful - I run my own business and it's growing quicker than I can keep up at times. My son, looked at me and said 'Mummy you saying 'you can't do it' is a bit of a fixed mindset, isn't it?' You should be encouraging a growth mindset and saying to yourself, 'I can't do it yet, but I will get there'. And I know you can do it, I'm so proud of you'. Well, I cried even more. How incredible is that, that this 7 year old boy recognised that. He said that you'd been talking about it. He's clearly taken it on board, and I thought you might like to know.”