South Moreton Primary School

South Moreton School: The World For OUr CHildren, Our CHildren For The World

The South Moreton vision was inspired by the input from the whole-school community - pupils, parents, staff and governors - through the South Moreton: Your School, Your Future project. It showcases and focuses our commitment to developing our school for the future. Please see how our vision is reflected in our curriculum and other learning opportunities via the Curriculum tab in the main menu above.


 "The World for our Children, our Children for the World"


Our Ethos:

South Moreton is a dynamic, harmonious and progressive school for all children within our Community. We are passionate about helping them to acquire the skills and knowledge they will need for successful, happy and positive futures as global citizens in the world of tomorrow.

The learning opportunities we provide encourage cooperation and embolden independence so that challenges are met with enthusiasm and resilience. Our children become confident learners who take pride in their achievements and aspire to excellence.

Our school is a welcoming environment with a high level of community and parental involvement where children learn to respect the rights of others and take responsibility for their own future.


Our Vision:

“The World for our Children, Our Children for the World” demonstrates our commitment to providing the very best for each and every one of our pupils, so that they can begin to carve their journey into the future with a sound foundation of skills and knowledge.

We aim to do this through three main commitments, which underpin our work and our ethos:




Academic Excellence

We aim to:

  • Be uncompromising in our aspirations for our children, creating strong foundations for future success.
  • Be committed to the highest standards of academic excellence, fostering a curiosity and thirst for learning across the curriculum
  • Provide learning opportunities to develop critical thinking, problem solving and knowledge that can applied to real-life situations now and in the future.


Resilience and wellbeing

We aim to:

  • Provide a welcoming, inclusive and safe environment for our children to learn and develop, where they have a voice, are confident and supported in their learning and development.
  • Empower children to be right-hearted and right-thinking, with a grounding in courtesy and kindness.
  • Teach children to embrace challenge, to persevere and to find ways to overcome barriers to their goals
  • Nurture strong character and self-identity in our pupils, through an uncompromising commitment to mental health and wellbeing
  • Teach children how to manage their emotions, health and relationships in the face of challenge


Global Citizenship

We aim to:

  • Inspire our children to develop as global citizens, with an appreciation and understanding of the environment in which we live, the world outside of our community and diverse cultures around us.
  • Embolden children to play an active part in our school and the wider community
  • Promote an outward facing ethos across the school, where children and adults learn with, and from, each other in order to be the best they can be.
  • Ensure all children are treated fairly and provided with the opportunities they need to be confident, caring and influential citizens of the future.
  • Further widen the part our pupils play in the local community and the wider world, so that they can learn, lead and serve whatever their futures hold.
  • Encourage all children to recognise that they have a responsibility for the future not only for themselves but also for others.