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Parents are warmly invited to make an appointment for a tour with Mrs Sanchez, Headteacher. This will allow you to find out what we can offer your family, and ask all the questions you need.


South Moreton School Admissions Policy

Any child whose parents are residing in the parishes of North Moreton, South Moreton, Aston Tirrold and Aston Upthorpe are within the catchment area of School. The school also welcomes children from wider than catchment, including Didcot, Cholsey, Wallingford, where places are available.

Children living in the catchment area of the school may be eligible for free home to school transport.  Information on who may qualify for free travel is available on OCC’s website and can be found at the following link  www.oxfordshire.gov.uk/schooltransport, along with the full policy on Home to School Travel and Transport.

Eligibility for free travel from home to school is determined by the School Admissions Team at the point an application is considered and the school place allocated.

Children whose parents reside outside the four parishes can state a preference for their child to be educated at South Moreton School or to be transferred from another school. If parents so wish then the following procedures must be followed:

  • An Oxfordshire County Council’s Admission to Primary Schools form has to be completed online or in paper format and returned to Oxfordshire County Council by the designated deadlines.
  • No place can be officially offered until written notification has been received from Oxfordshire County Council Admissions Team.

Oxfordshire County Council is compelled by law to comply with parent wishes unless:

  • it prejudices the provision of efficient education and the efficient use of resources
  • there are no places available.

Starting school

As a member school of the Oxford Diocesan Schools Trust, we follow the ODST admissions policy. Children who will be 5 years old between 1st September and 31st August, are offered a full time place from the beginning of the Autumn Term. We plan the transition process carefully, and help your family and your child to feel confident about joining us through a variety of events, and careful attention to building the relationships that are all-important for those first steps.

Registration for school places

If you wish your child to be educated at South Moreton Primary School, please also book a tour with the Office so you can see us in action and ask any questions - you are warmly welcome.

To make an application, see our admissions policy below, and visit https://www.oxfordshire.gov.uk/cms/content/online-school-applications

These forms should be completed and returned by the date indicated by Oxfordshire County Council. Unfortunately, late registrations may result in disappointment, as places will have been allocated across the County.


The admissions policy for 2024-25 was consulted on over December 2017 and January 2018.  Responses received were considered by the governors and the policy was determined on the 8th February 2018. Schools are required to consult on their admissions arrangements at least every 7 years unless there are significant changes. 

Policy Documents and Appeals Timeline