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This policy is the statement of principles, aims and strategies for the positive management of behaviour at South Moreton Primary School.



General Principles


Good behaviour is an essential condition for effective teaching and learning to take place. At South Moreton School, we believe that pupils and staff have the right to work in an environment that is safe, friendly, peaceful and fair. Good behaviour must be carefully developed and supported. High self esteem promotes good behaviour, effective learning and positive relationships. The best results, in terms of promoting good behaviour arise from emphasising potential, rewarding success and giving praise for effort and achievement, rather than focusing on shortcomings and failure. Through the example of the adults who care for them at school and through well planned and stimulating learning opportunities, we believe that children will accept challenges in learning and develop self discipline. It is the responsibility of parents to share with the school in helping their children to behave well. All parents are required to sign the Home School Agreement.


We believe good behaviour means that everyone in school is:








Behaviour Policy


The aim of this school policy is:




These are achieved in the framework of a relaxed, pleasant atmosphere, in

which children are encouraged to give of their best and are stimulated to fulfil their potential in: the classroom, extra-curricular and in the Play Club.


Code of Conduct



It is expected that everyone in the school community will follow and adhere to the school behaviour policy. All adults are expected to model the behaviour we expect from children.


The Golden Rules


Do not hurt anyone                                  Do be gentle


Do not hurt people's feelings                   Do be kind and helpful  


Do not waste your or other                      Do work hard


people's time


Do not waste or damage things               Do look after property


Do not interrupt                                       Do listen to people


Do not cover up the truth                         Do be honest





       For children to show:













       For children to develop:
















Appendix 1   General Guidance for staff


Appendix 2    Guidance for managing behaviour in the playground


Appendix 3    Behaviour management in South Moreton School Play Club


Appendix 4   Circle time and Golden time