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Schools are required to administer the following levels 3-5 tests:


Schools may also choose to administer level 6 versions of these tests.


Headteachers should consider a child’s expected attainment before entering them for the level 6 tests as they should already be demonstrating attainment above level 5. The child must achieve a level 5 in the levels 3-5 test and pass the corresponding level 6 test in the same year to be awarded an overall level 6 result. If the child does not pass the level 6 test they will be awarded the level achieved in the levels 3-5 test.


Results from the level 6 tests will continue to be used in the accountability framework. The Department will use level 6 results and level 6 English writing teacher assessment in its calculation of progress measures, value added, percentage achieving level 5+ and average point scores. This year the percentage of the number of children at the end of key stage 2 achieving level 6 in a school will also be shown in performance tables. The Department will not publish any information at school level about the numbers of children entered for the level 6 tests, or the percentage achieving level 6 of those entered for level 6.


Science sampling tests for children at the end of key stage 2 recommence in June this year on a biennial basis.


Test dates


The 2014 Key Stage 2 tests will take place from 12-16 May. Schools have been asked to keep this period free for administering the tests.

The levels 3-5 tests must be taken before the corresponding level 6 tests on the scheduled day. All children who are entered for a level 6 test must also complete the corresponding levels 3-5 test.


Monday 12 May

Levels 3-5 English reading test

Level 6 English reading test

Tuesday 13 May

Levels 3-5 English grammar, punctuation and spelling test

Level 6 English grammar, punctuation and spelling test

Wednesday 14 May

Levels 3-5 mental mathematics test

Levels 3-5 mathematics Paper 1

No level 6 tests timetabled for this day

Thursday 15 May

Levels 3-5 mathematics Paper 2

Level 6 mathematics Paper 1

Level 6 mathematics Paper 2