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  Spring Half Term Holiday Homework  



Dear Beech Class,


Thank you all for the hard work and enthusiasm that went into our Island Project this term. Your islands were truly spectacular and you all spoke so confidently about your models and drawings.


Next term we embark on a whole school topic, ‘FLIGHT’. On Tuesday 3rd June we have invited a local Falconer into school with a selection of birds of prey to talk to you and enjoy a demonstration of their flying skills.

What I would like you to do for your homework this holiday is make something that will ‘FLY’. It could be a plane, a rocket, a hot air balloon, a kite. In fact anything that tickles your flight of fancy.


Don’t forget that on Friday 6th June we will be spending another day at Didcot Railway Centre for their 70th anniversary D Day celebrations. So break out your WWII outfits again for this special, by invitation day.

Have a great week,


Mrs Garner