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E.Y.F.S. Finch Class Curriculum


Autumn Terms 1&2 2016.



Topic: Let’s Explore: Ourselves, Magic & Festivals/Celebrations

Within this topic area, we will cover all the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum areas as detailed below. The points/activities outlined are not exhaustive but will give a ‘flavour’ of the sorts of things the children will be doing this term. If you wish to find out more then please speak to a member of staff or check the parent information board inside the Foundation Class entrance area.




And Language


Development of letter recognition, recall and formation.

Development of phonic skills leading to emergent or development of reading skills.

Enjoyment of books through individual or large/small group book sharing activities.

Regular opportunities to practise emergent writing.


Physical Development

Dance activities around autumn or topic ideas.

Using large play equipment outdoors

Hall activities: games that encourage spatial awareness, co-operation, running and catching games.


Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Activities to encourage independence, concentration, confidence and social skills such as turn taking and sharing.

Exploration of other cultures and the diversity of our local communities and the wider world.




Recognition of numbers 1 to 10 then to 20 and further beyond.

Writing, ordering and counting numbers.

Identifying and naming 2D shapes.

Sorting and matching.

Development of mathematical vocabulary.

Combining sets and beginning to understand simple addition.

Opportunities to problem solve.



Understanding the World

Exploration of festivals and celebrations within the children’s own experience and from the wider world.

Scientific exploration of changes to materials, the environment and ourselves.

Finding out about our own environment and about famous people.

Using technology to help us find out more information.



Expressive Art and Design

Learning songs, nursery rhymes, topic and Christmas songs.

Taking part in performances.

Exploring paint and different creative media.

Making collages, prints and weaving pictures.