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Mrs Salmon & Mr Pimm


Assisted by Mrs Redding and Mrs Panzeri



In 2016 we gave all our classes new names.  Our Year Three/Four class is now called Puffins, previously we had Year Three in Beech and Year Four in Willow.


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Term 4



This term our topic involved ‘Making Tracks’ and linked to all things railway! In particular we focused on the creation and expansion of the railway across Britain, especially the introduction of Didcot Railway Station and its impact on the surrounding area.




Puffin term4 1





We enjoyed our topic related visit to the Didcot Railway Centre, taking the opportunity to ride on a steam train very seriously!




Puffin term4 2






Puffin term4 3





We were also lucky enough to have some of our Scientist parents come in for a visit and share all different types of fossils - from teeth and claws to dinosaur poop!





Puffin term 4 4  Puffin term 4 5




In English we wrote our own persuasive letters and send them to our parents. We asked for a variety of things, ranging from ribs for dinner, a new football kit right up to a puppy or new baby brother or sister! Needless to say we wereoverly excited when the time came to read our replies…




Puffin term 4 6









Term 3


This term in our whole school topic was ‘Take One Picture…’ where we based our work around one painting titled View from my Window, by Camille Pissarro. We took this opportunity to research and write about other paintings and artists that inspired us.

term3 001




We made our own windows that looked into the future, 20 years from now! We thought about what jobs we may have, where our friends and family might be and just what we would do for fun at the grand old ages of 27-29!

term3 002  term3 003




Sandwiches were also a focus as we combined our English and DT work, designing are own dream sandwich…

term3 004  term3 005




Before learning the cutting, grating and spreading skills necessary in creating our own sandwiches.


term3 006



term3 007


Various instructional activities prepared us to follow our own set of instructions and prepare a sandwich for someone at home.


term3 008  term3 009





Term 2


term2 001

This term our topic has been Magic and so within our English lessons we entered the magical world of Narnia, through story of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.

term2 002 term2 003




We enjoyed our trip to Dorchester Abbey to fully immerse ourselves into our own Narnian adventure, with dressing up in the process being a hapless coincidence…


term2 004 term2 005




Our class Christmas Party was a huge success with everyone having fun, feeling festive and by the end of the day being rather full up too!

term2 006

term2 007



Term 1

term1 001


This term our topic was Anglo-Saxons and we have very much enjoyed becoming familiar with this period in time.

term1 002


We were lucky enough to visit the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford as a part of our Anglo-Saxon work and handled some artefacts that were buried long ago.

term1 003 term1 004

As a part of our Maths learning we spent some time focusing on fractions and therefore had to make pizzas (perfect for sharing), so naturally visited Pizza Express!

term1 005

We enjoyed eating our pizzas (on sixth at a time) nearly as much as we did making them!

term1 006  term1 007


We were also lucky enough to have a visit from an Olympic Champion rower! We were very grateful to Matt Langridge or his inspirational talk!

term1 008



term1 009







Beech Class


Miss Curley

Assisted by Ann Redding and Abi Panzeri



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Maths is fun Year 3   Spelling is fun Years 3&4


Term 5


term5 001


This term our Superheroes topic allowed us to let our inner hero shine through, in more ways than one!

term5 002  term5 003


We were lucky enough to have a visit from Neil Cameron, who helps us to create an original idea for a comic. We chose Gary the jet-pack sausage and his quest to stop Mt. Mash exploding!

term5 004  term5 005

We channelled our inner cartoonist to create our very own superhero and invent a suitable villain to do battle in our own comic creations.

term5 006 sm  term5 007 sm

term5 008 sm  term5 009 sm


In art we focused on pop art, in particular the work of Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol. Our self-portraits using Ben Day dots and printed superhero logos are truly spectacular!



term5 010

term5 011


Our joint year 3/4 venture to Hill End was absolutely fantastic! We enjoyed playing in the sound garden, pizza making, den-building, outdoor art creating, stream splashing, obstacle course crashing… and much much more!

term5 012

term5 013

term5 014  term5 015



Term 4


This term our topic has been The Romans – something that we have very much enjoyed learning about!

term4 001


term4 002


Not least because it involved a visit form Hands on Heritage, and plenty of dressing up!

 term4 003  term4 004


As well as exploring Roman artefacts and beginning to march like a Roman Army.

term4 005


term4 006


We were extremely proud of our Roman Shields, which we dutifully used to practise marching and manoeuvring with!

term4 007



Apart from all of the excitement Ancient Rome bought us, we managed to find the time to read The Twits by Roald Dahl and enjoyed getting into character…

term4 008  term4 009

term4 010  term4 011




Term 3


We were lucky enough to visit the Sheldonian Theatre this term, to see the Oxfordshire Youth Orchestra perform. We enjoyed seeing how all of the different instruments were played, in particular the violin!

Term3 001



Our topic this term was Brazil, where we made flags, tree frogs, masks, and much much more!

Term3 002 Term3 003

Term3 004 Term3 005

Term3 006 Term3 007



We also created our own factual posters about different aspects of The Amazon Rainforest.

Term3 008 Term3 009


We even managed a trip to the rainforest itself! (The Living Rainforest in Newbury that is…)

Term3 010

Term3 011 Term3 012







Term 2

We have been getting hands on with our topic of The Stone Age

term2 001

We have also been rather musical on a Monday with Mr. Stanley, composing our own pieces of music!

term2 002  term2 003

Our class Christmas party was a very sophisticated affair!


term2 004 term2 005


Beech Class Term 1

term1 001


We began Beech Class with a whole-school topic of water (H2O for us!) and were able to channel this through Wind in the Willows within our literacy work.


term1 002 term1 003


We had a fantastic time visiting the River and Rowing Museum in Henley, where we were lucky enough to delve deeper into the mysterious Wild Wood….

term1 004 term1 005

term1 006 term1 007

And of course dressing up was not to be missed!

term1 008 term1 009




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