Reminders of important dates are sent out in our weekly newsletter.

Term dates and INSET days are outlined below.


2018-19 ACademic Year

Take careful note as these dates are NOT the same as the dates set by the Local Authority. 

Parents wishing to know further dates in advance are advised to contact the school office.

First half term Second half term
Autumn Weds 5th Sept - Fri 19th Oct Mon 29th Oct - Weds 19th Dec
Spring Thurs 3rd Jan - Fri 15th Feb Mon 25th Feb - Fri 5th Apr
Summer Tues 23rd Apr - Fri 24th May Tues 4th Jun - Fri 19th Jul

INSET days: 4th Sept, 20th Dec, 21st Dec, 3rd Jun, 22nd Jul




First half term Second half term
Autumn Tue 3rd Sept - Fri 25th Oct Mon 4th Nov - Thur 19th Dec
Spring Tue 7th Jan - Fri 14th Feb Mon 24th Feb - Fri 3rd Apr
Summer Tues 21st Apr - Fri 22nd May Mon 1st Jun - Fri 17th Jul

INSET days: 2nd Sept, 6th Jan, 20th Apr, 20th Jul, 21st Jul