Department of Education and OFSTED

Key Stage 2 results July 2018

Average progress scores

This is an approximate measure of how much progress pupils made at the school between KS1 and KS2.  A score of 0 indicates exactly in line with national average expectations.

Reading -1.7 Average
Writing -1 Average
Maths -3.6 Well Below Average

Attainment at KS2

At the end of KS2, children sit SATS in Maths and Reading; they receive a scaled score of between 80 and 120, where 100 is the threshold for the expected standard and 110 represents reaching a higher level of attainment.  Their writing is assessed by the school as being either pre-Key Stage level, Working Towards the standard, Working At the expected standard or at Greater Depth within the expected standard.

  • 45% of pupils reached the expected standard in English, Maths and Writing.  This was below the national average of 64%.
  • 0% of pupils were at a higher level or greater depth in English, Maths and Writing. This was below the national average of 10%
  • The average scaled score of pupils sitting the Reading SATS paper was 104.  This was above the national average of 105.
  • The average scaled score of pupils sitting the Maths SATS papers was 100.  This matched the national average of 104.

School information

You can access the following information about the school and how it compares to other schools locally and nationally:

School profile - this describes how the school population compares to others (e.g. size, ratio of boys to girls) and gives information about the progress and attainment of the children in SATs.

OFSTED reports - OFSTED reports on the school since it's conversion to an academy. 

  • The most recent inspection report: 5th Nov 2013
  • Older pre-academization OFSTED reports are available here.

OFSTED Parent View - visit this page to contact OFSTED with your views on the school.