Barn Owls Class

 Barn Owls is taught by Mrs Cracknell with assistance from Mrs Hagger.

In Reception and Key Stage 1 all children learn phonics in line with the Jolly Phonics scheme.

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Term 1

Term 1 has been busy and exciting start in Barn Owl class! The children spent time at the start of the term exploring their new surroundings and the dedicated outdoor space attached to the Barn Owls classroom. We will spend time together organising resources for the children to use when exploring the outside area. At the start of term 1, the children got off to a flying start by revising and learning new phonetic sounds/spellings linked to our Jolly Grammar activities and games. The children had lots of fun learning actions to remember the short vowel sounds a/e/i/o/u with the help of Inky Mouse! The children are using their phonic and early grammatical knowledge to write regularly in class and we will continue to help them develop their composition skills as the terms progress.

Our topic in term 1 was New Beginnings and we linked this to our new beginnings in year 1 as Barn Owls! We observed how much we had grown over the summer holiday and that younger siblings had also grown too. These observations allowed us to discuss changes in humans and helped form part of our science work about humans. We spent time labelling the main parts of the human body and played lots of games linked to our senses.

Our geography focus linked closely to science as we explored and identified daily and seasonal weather changes and spent time outdoors watching the season change from summer to autumn, noting the leaves change colour and plants die back. The children collected a variety of leaves and made autumnal leaf rubbings in autumn colours.

Barn Owls also learnt all about Growth Mindset which is a whole school focus this academic year. The children learnt the differences between a fixed and growth mindset and the ways we can all help ourselves to change our thinking whilst we are learning. You will now hear the children regularly saying “it’s not I can’t do that it’s I can’t do that YET !”

Our Art/DT focus linked to our science focus and the children had the opportunity to look at a variety of portraits in a number of styles. The children then created a mask in the style of Picasso using tissue and marker pens resulting in a wonderfully vibrant 3D display.

Our Harvest Festival assembly was very well supported by family and friends and Barn Owls joined Robins in singing the song “If You’re Thankful” to the tune of “If You’re Happy and You Know It”. It was a fun and very appropriate way to give thanks for all the food we have to eat at this special time of year.

Barn Owls have had fun exploring and learning lots of new things together and we are looking forward to our new topic Let’s Remember in term 2.

Term 5

Our topic during term 5 was ‘Homes and Gardens’. We focussed most of our learning around the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. We learnt the story and took part in drama activities. We then rewrote our own version of the story.  

We learnt how to add more detail to a sentence by adding a conjunction. We learnt about different styles of houses and wrote a description of our own house. In maths we began to learn how to multiply and divide by sharing.

We continued our science learning on the outside. We learnt about different types of trees and flowers you might find in your garden and we also went on a bug hunt to search for mini-beasts.

We also learnt about what life was like in the 1930’s and how houses and lifestyles compared to today. The highlight of the term was a trip to Bekonscot Model Village, where we were able to see what life was like in the 1930’s.

Term 4 - Food and Farming

Our focus text was ‘Farmer Duck’ by Martin Waddell. The children loved acting out the story and watching each other’s performances. For the first time, they re-wrote the story with only a story map to guide them.

The story was also used in computing, where Beebots were programmed to follow simple instructions- turn right, turn left, backwards and forwards.

In Geography, the class located a local farm using Google Earth and designed their own ‘aerial view’ farm, carefully labelling the different human and physical features.

Mrs Seymour extended the gymnastics she had taught in term 3 and the children moved on to develop sequences containing three or more linked elements. P.E was also used to develop, practise and reinforce the children's mathematical understanding of whole, half and quarter turns.

A highlight for many children was Science Week where the focus was all about ‘discovery’. The children were able to handle different animals, investigate Archimedes, make structures, learn about DNA and learn about gases in the air. The week ended with a Science Fair, where parents and children could discover lots about science!